China says its top-rated real estate school is ready to open

China says its top-rated real estate school is ready to open

India’s real estate education school is preparing to open its doors to students from overseas as it seeks to attract talent from other developing nations.

In the wake of China’s election victory, real estate development company Sotheby’s India has been approached by a number of top Indian and foreign real estate schools for recruitment and is currently negotiating with some of them, including the Delhi-based National Institute of Management Education (NIMED), the countrys top real estate training school.

According to an NIMED official, the school is currently undergoing a review process.

“We have reached out to some of our international students and have been in touch with some Indian and non-Indian students, and they are also in touch,” said NIMES director Aniruddha Prakash.NIMES students from China are also being trained in the country’s real-estate market, the official said.”NIMERS (New Zealanders Internships) is in talks with the NIMERS Foundation and is interested in offering students in New Zealand,” he added.

“This will be a real first step for the Chinese students.

For the first time in India, a non-resident student will be able to study with a Chinese partner.”

The NIMER students are mostly students from Singapore, but some from India too, including a few from Bangalore.

NimERS is India’s first non-profit organisation dedicated to training and helping aspiring students from India and abroad.

According to the Foundation’s website, it has been offering internship programmes to students since its inception in 2015.

“We have over 20,000 members in India and about 50 students have applied for our internship programme since we started our programme,” the website says.

“Our aim is to help students from other emerging economies like India and other countries who want to become successful in their careers by imparting knowledge and skills in the fields of real estate.”

To this end, our programme aims to train people in real estate management, planning and real estate business skills, as well as in real-time information technology,” the Foundation website adds.

The NIMEES Foundation has been working to create partnerships with Chinese real estate companies, especially those from the city of Zhengzhou, to bring its students to India, the NIMEERS official said, adding that its students are also currently being trained by Chinese companies.

The real estate sector is expected to be one of the key sectors in the upcoming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s economic policy, which has been touted as a driver for a faster growth in the economy.

According the government, real-life experience is a key driver of growth.

In addition, real properties can also be the main gateway for foreign investment, which in turn can bring more jobs and improve the quality of life for people living in India.

This will create a massive job creation and boost the local economy, as we will have a large pool of housing available to people,” said Narendra Modi, when announcing the project.

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