Hamptons Real Estate Agent Says ‘No’ to ‘Superhero’ Apartment, ‘It’s All a Huge Mistake’

Hamptons Real Estate Agent Says ‘No’ to ‘Superhero’ Apartment, ‘It’s All a Huge Mistake’

A real estate agent in Hampton Roads, Virginia, told Axios that she’s heard a lot of bad things about the proposed $5 million apartment building in the Hampton area.

According to a representative, the building is an example of a “superhero apartment” that doesn’t meet the standards of an apartment, as the property owner “would have to pay $5,000 to build and rent out the space.”

This doesn’t happen very often in the real estate industry, but Hamptonts real estate representative said this is “unfortunate” and “sad.”

She said the building was supposed to be for the owners of an existing apartment building, but the landlord wanted to put in a “special project.”

According to the Hampton Roads Times, the property is currently for sale for $4.5 million, and will be the first of a planned three-building development in the area.

The property has already been sold to a buyer, who is planning to build a three-story residential tower, a two-story commercial building and a three story commercial building.

This isn’t the first time Hamptonto real estate agents have expressed concerns about the project.

In April, Hamptonies real estate broker Mark Piscopo said he and his team had been told that “the project has a lot going on” and that the project is “really exciting and the project will bring jobs and economic development to the area.”

But he told Axiocast that Hamptothe project would have a negative impact on the neighborhood and residents.

He also said he was “confident” that the building would be “a great fit” for the neighborhood.

The Hamptony Observer is a news and opinion website.

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