How to buy your first home in England and Wales

How to buy your first home in England and Wales

How to find a property in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

A guide to buying your first property.

A guide to finding a property to rent or buy.

The new house you’ve been dreaming of The real estate guide to your ideal home.

The best ways to buy property in the UK.

The key findings of a nationwide survey of 1,100 homeowners.

The UK’s best deals on real estate: the latest on property listings from the country’s biggest companies.

A property expert tells how to buy the right property for your needs.

The secret to finding the best price and the best deal in London.

The latest news on London’s property market.

The top 10 properties you should buy and the hottest property markets.

How to find the perfect apartment in the capital.

The property search engine is getting its own app: how to find your perfect home.

How does this affect the way you shop and live?

The latest on the housing shortage and the price of homes.

A new study shows how the UK economy has become more reliant on housing than ever before.

What to do if you need to move or if you’re moving abroad.

Find out if you can stay.

What are the UK’s biggest cities?

What are the biggest problems?

The most popular places to rent in the country.

The hottest areas in the world, according to data from real estate agency REIS.

Find more local newsYou can also get news directly from us here, on the BBC News website or via email.

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