How to get the best prices for your Sydney real estate

How to get the best prices for your Sydney real estate

With the Sydney house price boom, a new real estate guide for the CBD has emerged, and it’s an eye-opener.

READ MORE: With Sydney house prices soaring, a guide to the best price for your apartment in Sydney’s CBD.

A new real-estate guide has emerged for the city’s CBD, and the result is a new database of the best properties in the city.

The CBD’s booming real estate market is leading to a surge in demand for properties in areas such as the suburbs.

The influx of foreign buyers is making the market for these properties more competitive, which means there’s a bigger incentive for Sydney to take its time in locating these properties.

“This is a real-time, live, on-demand property tracking database for people in the CBD and surrounding suburbs,” said Sarah Jones, a partner at Cottesloe Property Management.

Jones is the owner of Cott, a property management company that manages a portfolio of about 600 properties in Sydney.

The company has helped to launch a number of other property-tracking websites in the past, including the popular real-life-city website,

Cott’s property-tracker website, Cottestories, tracks the property’s history and price history in real-world situations.

The site has also become a go-to resource for investors looking to buy and sell properties in Australia.

Jones said the site has been a useful tool for both foreign buyers and Australian investors.

“We’ve always done a lot of work in real estate and in our business, and that’s been a lot more about people in Sydney getting information about the market,” Jones said.

“I think the new website is a really good first step for the Sydney real-market to get some real-times information, real-live information, so that we can get some answers to some of the questions that are in the minds of people.”

The real estate-tracking website has come about because of the booming property market in Sydney, Jones said, adding that it will help developers understand what the demand is and how they can be competitive.

“The real-city industry has grown tremendously in recent years,” Jones told The Globe and Mail.

“A lot of the work that’s done in the real-business is about providing real-trend information, and we’re trying to fill that gap with the new real market information that we’ve developed.”

The new real property-data website will give the industry an even greater understanding of where the best-value properties are in Sydney and why.

“It’s an exciting time for the real estate industry because the real property market is really hot right now,” Jones added.

“We think it’s a good time to do real-value research.”

Jones said she’s excited about the potential of the new data.

“With the real house price bubble, we’ve seen a huge amount of new properties come online,” she said.

“And it’s all based on the assumption that Sydney’s going to get more expensive.”

But, with the fact that there’s now so much more housing demand, I think it really does give the real market some real opportunity to get ahead of that and build a better and more affordable market.

“Jones, who also owns the RealLife website, said she hopes the new information will encourage other real-owners to make the move from their current online brokerage platforms.”

Real-life is a lot easier to navigate because you don’t have to go through a lot [of] hoops,” she told The Post.”

You can go to our website and get information on a real estate property or a building, and you can find out what it costs and what’s the market, and then just start looking at the real world.

“Jones also said that the real data is a good way to keep up with developments in Sydney because it provides a clearer picture of what’s happening in the market.”

If we’re in a good spot, we know where the real prices are in a certain area, so it gives us more information on where we are in relation to that area,” Jones explained.

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