How to protect yourself against the fake-news problem

How to protect yourself against the fake-news problem

A real estate agent is warning against a trend where many of the products and services offered by websites that promote real estate can be misleading and misleading to potential buyers.

The term “fake-news” is usually used to describe websites that peddle sensational stories and misinformation.

The real estate industry is trying to figure out how to respond to this trend, and how to create products that aren’t so damaging to the community.

The problem of misleading or false information is so big that it can create an economic ripple effect, said Eric Smith, who manages real estate at the Arizona Republic.

Some products on websites like Craigslist, a popular real estate marketplace, advertise for people looking to buy a home, he said.

Some of the listings are so far out that buyers might not be aware they are buying fake listings.

Smith said many people may have never heard of Craigslist, but it can be a popular place for people to advertise a home.

Craigslist, which has more than 1.5 million listings on the site, has been criticized by real estate experts for its advertising practices.

Many of the sites have an ad on the bottom that says, “Real Estate is real,” Smith said.

But that’s not always the case.

The advertisement may say, “This listing is for sale,” but then you find out it’s a fake listing and you’ll see that it’s not for sale, Smith said, and the seller may be trying to mislead you.

Smith and others are looking into how to make a product or service that’s actually a fake-trading or marketing site.

The goal is to make the product or product that’s advertised as real and then you can actually get the product and get it at the best price.

It’s just an old-fashioned ad, he added.

There’s not any malicious intent.

People have to take a look at the fact that this is an ad and then decide whether they want to buy that product or not, he explained.

He said the real estate community needs to be vigilant about whether products and other products are deceptive.

Some real estate agents are trying to avoid buying from sites that promote “fake” properties.

Smith pointed to some of the websites that advertise that properties are being offered for sale in Arizona.

For example, he cited an advertisement on Craigslist that said, “Here is a listing for sale.

There are many properties available, please call or email if you are interested.”

The Arizona Republic did not immediately return a request for comment.

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