New York-based real estate firm buys hillwood property

New York-based real estate firm buys hillwood property

Hillwood Real Estate, which has owned the Hillwood Estate in downtown Los Angeles for more than 20 years, has purchased the historic home from its longtime owners, according to a news release.

The sale is expected to close in the first quarter of 2018.

The Hillwood family will retain ownership of the property and its historic character.

The purchase price was not disclosed.

The sale comes as Hillwood is trying to rebrand itself from the Hillwoods of the 1980s to a family-owned company.

The Hillwood home sits on a hillside in the former Hillwood estate in downtown LA, Calif.

on Tuesday, March 10, 2017.

The family that owned the property until 2006 purchased it from the family who lived there from 1963 to 1978, according the release.

The property was used as a storage house for the city of Los Angeles before being purchased by the Hillcrest Estate and rebranded the Hillview estate.

The new owners intend to build a $20 million, 5,000-square-foot, 2,500-square foot residential and retail complex.

Hillwood also announced it would lease a portion of the Hillcliff estate in Downtown Los Angeles, the second property to be leased under the new Hillwood business plan.

The first of the new properties was leased to the Los Angeles Police Department in 2013.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved the deal on March 11.

The two other Hillcliffs are being leased by the Los Santos County Board.

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