New York Times: Real Estate: No ‘Trump Fever’ In the US, Study Says

New York Times: Real Estate: No ‘Trump Fever’ In the US, Study Says

NEW YORK — A study by a group of top real estate executives found that the United States is not experiencing a “Trump Fever” in the real estate market, even as Donald Trump has won the presidential election and some analysts worry that his populist campaign may hurt sales.

The study, by brokerage CBRE, surveyed more than 600 U.S. real estate agents on the topic and found that real estate sales in the U.K., France and Germany were up 9% from a year ago.

But the report also found that sales in Australia, Canada and Japan had all risen by double digits.

The authors said the rise in sales should be interpreted with caution, because there are many factors that influence prices and sales, including inflation, the cost of living, and the size of the population.

The survey was conducted online on Wednesday.

It will be released Thursday by CBRE.

“It’s a different world now, so you’re not necessarily seeing Trump fever,” said Stephen Bove, a partner at CBRE in Dallas.

“People are very open to new ideas.

But it’s not a Trump fever.”

Trump’s candidacy has been a catalyst for sales growth, which has led to a glut of new housing and the recent construction of housing projects that are designed to make it easier to buy in the market.

The U.N. predicts a U.s. housing shortage of about 1.3 million units by 2020.

But even with more than a million new homes built each month, there are concerns that the shortage will be exacerbated by a Trump presidency.

Trump has said he wants to make America great again, a phrase that has been used as a rallying cry for his campaign.

He has promised to build and preserve “the great American dream.”

“He’s a salesman.

He’s a real estate salesman.

And he knows how to sell.

He knows how much to charge,” said Joe Bongino, a senior vice president at CBre.

“And he understands what a problem he has.

He thinks it’s all his fault.”

The CBRE survey found that buyers in the United Kingdom, France and China saw a 15% increase in the number of homes sold and a 20% increase for sales in Japan.

The report said sales in China, which is experiencing a severe slowdown, rose by more than 30%.

The survey also found buyers in Australia and Canada saw a 9% increase.

The United Kingdom’s property market is struggling, and many agents say the U-turn by some foreign buyers and the construction of new homes in recent years have had a major impact.

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