SC attorney says he won’t be able to charge anyone for $2,500 house in Charleston

SC attorney says he won’t be able to charge anyone for $2,500 house in Charleston

SC attorney Todd Hickey says he will not be able by a court order to charge property owners or landlords for a $2.5 million property they bought in Charleston, South Carolina. 

“It’s not the type of property that can be assessed,” Hickey said Tuesday in an interview with CNN.

“There’s no statute of limitations.”

Hickey’s attorney, Paul E. Coughlin, said the state is likely to appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court.

The case has drawn a lot of attention in South Carolina, a state that has been rocked by recent scandals involving white-collar criminals.

In April, prosecutors charged a former hedge fund manager and a former assistant attorney general with racketeering, money laundering and conspiracy to commit securities fraud.

In December, a federal judge ordered the former attorney general to recuse himself from the case and ordered him to repay more than $3 million in legal fees and court costs incurred during the case.

Hickey said he is not considering a legal fight against the state.

“I just hope that people understand the real estate business is very complicated,” he said.

“It’s very complicated, and we are going to do what we think is right.

And the people who buy our property are just as important as anyone else.”CNN has not confirmed the details of Hickey’s complaint.

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