The biggest names in freehold real estate in Alaska are getting paid in Alaska

The biggest names in freehold real estate in Alaska are getting paid in Alaska

More than 40 people in Alaska have been paid more than $1.4 million in freeholder estate in the last three years, according to a new report.

The report, compiled by a company called Compass Real Estate in partnership with Alaska’s State Treasurer’s office, tracks the payments of the top 20 highest paid freeholders in Alaska.

In 2017, the most recent year for which figures are available, the top 10 paid freeholder earners in Alaska received $1,095,858.

Those figures are a drop from 2016, when the top 15 paid freeholds received $2,854,874.

The median annual salary for the top 40 paid free holders in Alaska was $120,811 in 2017.

The total annual pay for all the top-paid freeholders, who made more than the median annual income in Alaska, is about $2.8 million.

The top earners in the top five highest paid categories were the owners of the two largest homes in Anchorage, the $4.6 million-plus property in the town of Chugach and the $5.9 million-and-up estate in Ketchikan.

Those properties, valued at $3.6 billion, were also the largest homes for sale in Alaska in 2017, according the report.

“It’s a little different when you’re the owner of the biggest property in Alaska,” said Bill Peeples, president of the Chugatchah, Yukon, homeowners association.

“But when you own the second largest, you’re in the lead.”

The report also looked at the median household income for freeholders at each of the state’s four counties, and found that median income for all freeholders was $57,633.

It also found that the median income of all freeholder families was about $72,000.

The most popular freehold in the state was the property owned by Ketchiman’s Michael Greskovich, who was paid $4 million last year.

He is also the son of a former mayor, according a statement from the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.

The property is valued at about $1 billion.

The state’s largest freehold is the property in Kootenai, which is worth about $5 billion.

That property is owned by a local company called Serenity Homes.

The company is run by former state Sen. Joe Schumacher, who has a $2 million salary and has been paid $500,000 in cash and stock, according an April 2018 letter from Schumachers attorney to the Chukchans’ property.

The next-largest freehold was owned by an Anchorage-based real estate broker, who is paid $3 million, according company records.

The third-largest was the $1 million property in Kodiak, valued by the company at about half a billion dollars.

That property is located on Kodiak Island, a small, remote island about 40 miles from the coast.

It is owned and managed by Serenities Homes, according its statement.

The highest-paid person in Kodiaks real estate is a former Kodiak Mayor named Tim Dorman.

Dorman was paid nearly $1-million last year, according Serenits statement.

Dory Korshnikov, the chairman of the Kodiak County Board, said he had no information on the highest-paying people in the county, and that he hadn’t seen the report, but that “the money has been good.”

Korshikov said he and other officials have been paying their taxes on their Kodiak property, which the board owns.

The highest-earning person in the country in 2017 was a real estate executive who was a longtime Anchorage resident.

That individual is paid more by the Alaska Department of Revenue than anyone in Alaska with a salary, according state data.

He’s also an ex-lawyer and has a salary of more than a half-million dollars.

The second-highest-paid is a local real estate investor who is the son-in-law of Gov.

Bill Walker.

His home is valued by Sheraton Properties at $2 billion.

Walker has not been paid since 2015.

The governor has been a fixture in the area of freehold ownership.

The family owns a $4-million home on Kodiach Island.

Walker is also a member of the board of directors for a company that owns and manages a home in Kodiach that’s valued at more than two billion dollars, according records from the State Treasurer.

The fourth-highest paid in 2017?

A property manager who was employed by the State House of Representatives for 10 years and has earned about $500 to $1 per hour, according documents.

The home of a local politician in Kodiack was worth more than half a million dollars in 2016.

The largest paychecks went to three people in Kodiash.

Two of them are

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