The estate planning lawyer who helped uncover the Clintons’ tax evasion scheme gets new job

The estate planning lawyer who helped uncover the Clintons’ tax evasion scheme gets new job

The estate planner who helped expose the Clintons tax evasion scam got a new job on Friday, after her new employer, the law firm of Paul S. Ryan, Jr., hired her to help them handle a new set of cases involving Hillary Clinton’s finances.

The move comes as New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman continues to investigate the Trump campaign’s ties to the Russian government.

Scherman has been trying to get the Trump administration to disclose financial information about former President Bill Clinton’s administration.

In a report last week, Schneiderman found that the Trump White House had received more than $3 million in foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, including $500,000 from a Russian government-linked company that was listed as a foreign agent of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Schneiderman said in a statement that he had decided to hire her to represent the Trump organization as part of the investigation.

“The Attorney General’s Office will always defend the people of New York and fight to hold accountable those who seek to undermine public trust in our institutions,” Schneiderman said.

“The investigation into Russian interference in our 2016 election will continue, and we are proud to have a talented, dedicated, and dedicated attorney in the office who will do her job and advocate for the interests of the state of New Yorks citizens.”

Schneiders office declined to comment.

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