When You Should Be Worried About Being a Real Estate Professional

When You Should Be Worried About Being a Real Estate Professional

It’s time to think about becoming a real estate professional, not just a property agent, according to a new report from a new think tank. 

The report, released Tuesday by the National Association of Real Estate Professionals, found that just 5 percent of respondents who work in real estate are truly professional.

The remaining 95 percent are in the business to make money, but that percentage is only a fraction of what real estate professionals actually earn. 

It’s a different world, and there are plenty of people who are passionate about making a living out of real estate and helping people get a good deal on their home or business. 

But there are also a few people who have an unhealthy relationship with the real estate profession. 

While a lot of people love the idea of a real-estate agent, a lot people who work for real estate agents aren’t really passionate about it. 

“If you ask people, ‘Do you think you should be a realtor?,’ they usually say no,” said Richard B. Smith, a professor of marketing and director of the school’s Institute of Real-Estate Management.

“If you talk to real estate brokers and tell them they don’t think they should be an agent, it’s because they’re not that passionate about what they do.” 

The real estate industry is a big business, and it’s a big industry that requires a lot more work than a few days at a sales office. 

There’s a lot going on inside real estate homes, from the construction of the home to the marketing to the sales. 

Smith said people need to understand that the business is a complex business, not a simple one. 

A lot of real-property agents do work that is not necessarily that lucrative. 

Real estate agents are part of a complex and fast-changing world where real estate is a rapidly changing industry.

“Real estate is not a small business,” Smith said.

“We have to be constantly thinking about the future of our industry. 

So if you want to make sure you have a job that is exciting and fulfilling, it takes time.” 

If you or someone you know is struggling to find a job or is experiencing job loss due to the recession, Smith said you should consider starting your own real estate business.

“Real Estate is the lifeblood of the economy,” Smith added.

“It provides people with the income to get through the hard times.

It provides jobs for people who otherwise might not have jobs. 

For people who want to build careers in real-tourism, real-investment and other fields, real estate can be an excellent choice.

Real estate can provide a good return on your investment, and if you work hard you can make a lot.”

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