Which is more important for an estate lawyer: an inheritance or an estate?

Which is more important for an estate lawyer: an inheritance or an estate?

The question of which is more valuable for an attorney can be tricky, particularly if your client is dealing with multiple assets, says estate lawyer John B. C. Schaffer, MD, a former president of the American Bar Association.

If your client’s inheritance is valued at $5 million, the answer to that question is easy: you want to focus on the estate, he says.

But if the value of the inheritance is closer to $20 million or more, you need to think about whether you can use that as an investment, which can be a complicated matter.

You may be able to take a portion of your inheritance, which would be worth much more than $5.

But the estate could take that money and use it to buy more property.

You could then reinvest the profit into your business.

This approach can be an attractive option for the wealthy and those with large assets, Schaffer says.

For the rest of us, it’s not so simple.

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As a lawyer, you can have an influence over the lives of your clients, and the people and things that affect their quality of life, says attorney John B

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