Which real estate agents are right for you?

Which real estate agents are right for you?

Business Insider Australia has ranked the best real estate offices in the world based on how quickly they respond to queries, how they treat customers and how they can get your business done.

Read moreThe top ten real estate agent agencies for 2018 are listed below.

These agents are listed by the number of inquiries they get each month.

The top five are listed as follows:1.

HaldorReal Estate Office, Melbourne2.

LintonReal Estate Agency, Melbourne3.

DarganReal Estate Agent, Melbourne4.

WestfieldReal Estate, Brisbane5.

ZellmanReal Estate Service, Perth6.

WillsReal Estate Agents, Adelaide7.

HarknessReal Estate Group, Perth8.

The New Real Estate Agents (TNA)7.

Real Estate Services, Adelaide9.

W.A.M. Realtors, Adelaide10.


T Real Estate Group.


TNA, Brisbane2.

Westfields, Brisbane3.

LonsdaleReal Estate Services Melbourne, Melbourne(Melbourne)4.

BaysideReal Estate Sales, Sydney5.

LincReal Estate Solutions, Sydney6.

RSLReal Estate Brokers, Sydney7.

The BayssideReal Estate Team, Sydney8.

C.L.B. Real estate, Sydney9.

CVRReal Estate (Australia)10.

CVCReal Estate Associates, SydneyBrisil1.

CVP Real Estate, Belo Horizonte2.

CVESales Australia, Belmores 3.

PSA Real Estate Sales Melbourne, Belmopan4.

CVA Real Estate Service Melbourne, Perth5.

CVD Real Estate Solutions Melbourne, Gold Coast6.


L Real Estate (Tasmania)7, CVR Real Estate Australia, Melbourne (Melbourne CBD)8.

S.CVC Real Estate Company, Adelaide 9.

P.T. Real Home Sales Melbourne10.

PAS Real Estate Broker, Perth

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